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Hi Dave, the reason drippers seem to work regardless of wether glands or no glands are fitted is the fact that gravity plus crankcase suction moves oil further than crankcase compression resisted by gravity could push it backwards. my previous reply did not mean that there was no suction present in the pipe only that the suction could not hoover out oil dripped into a pilgrim pump with a plunger in between the oil and the engine. My reference to different types of glands made by Scotts for different types of oiling systems, was only to show that when Scotts changed from drippers to pump feed they decided that better results were obtained by changing the hole pattern in the glands, and I am sure that had they decided to go back to drippers for the Flyer engines they would probably have altered the glands once more, I did not mean that drippers wont work with the standard glands in a Flyer engine, but if you have a 3 speed super engine with Best and Lloyd pump and want to convert to drippers then alternative glands are available. My personal view is that glands are an unnecessary nuisance and most of the oil centrifuges out from behind the gland regardless of the hole pattern anyway. The current trend in the club is that drippers are the answer to all ills, but they will only allow a fixed amount of oil to enter your engine and must be used in conjunction with a petroil mix, a good pilgrim pump will increase delivery with engine speed but even this is not good enough and would still require oil in the petrol, Scott owners seem to have forgotten that Scotts recommend that for fast road work you have to stop and open up your pump settings this would include drippers as well. I am so glad that my own Scott runs entirely on petroil with no weird oil system present. Alan Noakes. scottworkshop@hotmail.co.uk