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Bob Mather

Hi Shipley Squirrel,
You are being fed some myth and legend. Brian Marshall is correct in saying the gland holes are adequate and don’t need to be modified.
A Scott engine can certainly suck all the oil delivered from the beak when the gland holes align. Nothing to do with your float chamber performance, it has a breather hole anyway. My 1932 Flyer sucks all the oil instantly from the wells. It doesn’t pump the oil, as I clipped the plungers on the outlet end, which means I turned a groove right round the plungers in line with the hole so that the end of the plunger can’t pump as it is open to atmosphere at all times via the small breather hole in the pump body which is just below the sight cover and it has nothing to pump against. With an unmodified plunger the hole isn’t necessarily open to atmosphere every time the engine tries to suck oil. If you doubt this, check with Gerry Howard the Pilgrim pump and Scott lubrication expert.
Bob Mather.