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I see the SOC still revells in myth legend and fairy stories, first of all each plunger in a pilgrim pump has to be phased at 180 degrees to each other this allows an equal opportunaty to take in a measure of oil, if both plungers tried to take oil at the same time there could well be a bias to one side, the inlet ends are diagonally opposite, so when you align them without the worm in place you have to screw the worm in fully without moving the plungers.
A pilgrim pump is not just a metering device it is a pump that delivers oil to the engine, each plunger is double ended, one end pumps oil up to the beak and the other end pumps the oil that drips along to the main bearings, if you doubt this just slacken the pipe joint at the elbow and see the ensuing mess inside the crankcase unaided by suction, if a Scott engine could produce enough suction in a split second when the gland holes align to pull cold oil through a foot of copper tube then that suction would empty your float chamber in a second, if you bothered to read the book of the Scott it would tell you that the pilgrim pump delivers oil under pressure to the main bearings. Also please note pilgrim pumps have been fitted to all manner of different bikes a lot of these are 4 strokes = no suction here so how do they work?
Over the years Scotts have fitted all manner of different oiling systems and for these they have developed glands with different hole positions so be aware you cannot just change the oiling method without fitting the corresponding glands.
Alan Noakes. scottworkshop@hotmail.co.uk