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It’s not so much the forks that are ugly, but the big gap between the tyre and the mudguard, hidden to some extent by the mudguard side valances. On Webb forks of course, the mudguard can be a close fit to the tyre, and I take a lot of time and trouble to ensure that the mudguard is the correct radius to suit the tyre diameter, and that the gap is constant for the entire length of the mudguard. Nothing looks worse than a mudguard that isn’t parallel to the tyre ! All part of the aesthetics of the machine. Dennis Howard would sit for hours smoking his pipe, just looking at his Scott, and deciding on where the mudguard fitted, the angle of the stays, and so on. I have similar feelings about the angle of the handlebars and levers, and when I see a bike where they don’t look ‘right’ it really puts me off the bike !