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Roger Moss

He was a bit close and all you can do is keep calm and not deviate from the line you are taking. To be honest, I was just waiting for the fast boys to come past and as looking behind is hardly safe, you just have to hope that they will not catch you at a place like that.
As Richard highlighted, there used to be lots of Scotts racing, but not only that, there were lots of Vintage to 1930 and Post Vintage to 1948. This meant that whatever your preferred pace, there was invariably someone else to play with. Now these two classes have been combined because of the collapse of entries.
In order to get a second ride, they then put you in a class that is considered appropriate. In the case of the Scott, then as it is over 500cc, it is put in with the “Up to 1962 Unlimited Capacity Specials” category. So the two Scotts chase after the tail end Charlies of that group, whilst the majority disappear over the horizon. From our standpoint, it is not a race but a ritual humiliation that is unsatisfying to rider and spectator alike. I have made a plea for our second ride to be in a class that has similar lap times, so there can be some element of competition. Even the “Up to 1948 unlimited class is so small that it is combined with another group of bikes similar to those I raced when they were current in the 1970’s. It is not difficult to see why if folks want a bit of track time, that many prefer a classic track day where they can choose the group who will have a compatible pace.
Having said all that, it is with some pride that we keep the Scott flag flying. One man, seeing Two Scotts said that it was like seeing Two Lancasters and it obviously brought him pleasure. If there are among you, anyone who has a Scott that was raced in the past but the rider has hung up his leathers, then I ask if you would consider loaning it to an experienced rider, so we could swell our numbers a little. There are good riders who would appreciate another ride and Richard and I would be happy to seek out a good jockey. So, if you know anyone with a race bike standing unused in a shed or garage, whether it be a Scott or other pre 1948 bike, let us know and we will follow it up. Some time back, Paul Dobbs rode my bike and I enjoyed watching him perform with much greater skill than I have ever been capable of. It was the next best thing to riding it myself. Kindest Regards Roger