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Roger Moss

Best of luck that man. I thought I could shift anything and met my match with a 1921 engine that I think had been in a pond since 1922. Months in diesel, more months in the most exotic chemicals I could buy, heating, cooling— and it laughed at me! As Brian said, I ended up grinding through the rods, but I still have two pistons and rods down a barrel as though they had been cast in situ. It all reminds my of Clint Eastwoods line, “A man has got to know his limitations”! If either of the pistons are above the exhaust ports, then a 14mm / 1/8 BSP adapter a hydraulic type grease nipple and a Wanner type high pressure grease gun might help free one of them. Personally I would take then engine out and get it nailed down somewhere solid so you could start a serious battle with it. We all wish you luck and please be assured, that when you have gone through all these difficulties, you will find that the final result will well justify the efforts. There is no such thing as failure, only success deferred. Kindest Regards Roger