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It follows on from what Roger has just commented that you should NOT think about trying to remove the cylinder head yet, as if you try the hydraulic pressure down the spark plug hole trick, you will need the head to be in place to contain the pressure ! As Roger says, you can only try this method if the piston on that side is above the level of the ports. Another thing to find out is whether just one, or both pistons are seized, so you should undo both crankpin screws, noting that one is L/H thread, and one is R/H thread !!!! (they are marked accordingly). With them unscrewed, and the big-end side-plates removed, you can take out the big-end bearing rollers, which gives you some ‘slack’ in the connecting rods. If one cylinder is free, you will be able to move the conrod up and down, within the limits imposed by the crankpin. If there is no movement, then obviously that is the side that is seized…. If both sides are seized you really have a BIG problem, and it is then a matter of getting the engine out of the frame, and resorting to desperate measures. I’m sure that everyone reading all this is now keeping their fingers crossed for you !