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Hi Guys,

Well i took a moment to look over the head and what I found was not very good… despite the fact that the left side of the heads water jackets were clogged up
and a nasty little chunk gone from the left cylinder crown. There was water and anti freeze in it so I’m wondering how it was blocked so bad???? Anyway, found a invoice
that shows it was rebuild and gearbox gone through back in 1978. And, I also found the title which says that its a 1957 and not a 1959 which I thought it was so don’t I have
egg on my face!!!

Oh I guess I will need to alter my user name now…. maybe I’ll try being a little more creative this time!!!

I still need to do what you both suggested yesterday and hope I can find some time as the wife has me doing other things……

I would like to share some pictures that I took if your interested so if you could give me a email address I will send them.