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Hi Brian,

It’s nice to feel welcomed to a forum and you just did with that reply!!!!

I live in the states Southern California to be exact and I’m not familiar with Millers, Silkolene – Fuchs but I will check online for them. I’ve already removed the carb and primer bowl took them completely apart and it was nasty slide was frozen but all is good now. Took the plugs out and tried to slowly turn over the engine to see if I could cycle it one revolution but she won’t budge!!!! So I’ve got my work cut out for me yet!!!! All in all it doesn’t surprise me where she’s at but will get her going. My dad has owned this Brum since 1970 when he bought it from a guy in Sheffield shipped it to Chicago where we were living at the time and in 1972 we took her to the TT. There’s a big story behind that trip I will share when I have a few hours to write it up.

I will keep you posted if your interested

And cheers again for your support!!!!

Steve Gibson