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richard norris

Welcome to the club, you will find everyone very helpful and someone will have all your answers. The clutch should not be heavy, when in good shape and set up properly it works well. If I were you, once you know the problem is not in the cable I would dismantle the clutch and check it over, not a difficult job. Have a good look at “Scott Technicalities” – just Google those words.

I use synthetic 2-stroke oil which doesn’t smoke too much but others have different views. Any oil is better than none, a regular supply to the crankcase glands is essential to avoid expensive damage any many people add some to the petrol as a further precaution against seizure.

I don’t know about the centre stand, there are lots of other members far more knowledgeable than I am who could advise.

All the best with it, I have never regretted buying mine.