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Roger Moss

OMG, — The seller is obviously expecting to make much more profit selling it than I did making it.
Of course I have all the records and I try and make a top job of my engines, but in case folks think that I charge this sort of price, I think it only fair to say that this exceeds by a good margin the original selling price
It was built against a request for an engine to use in competitive hill climbs and sprints and was a top engine spec for an engine built around a standard case and barrel. I have done a few specials with my own crankcases in LM25TF and Aluminium barrels chrome lined or Nickasil lined. 38 / 36 / or 34mm TT type carbs are really Amal Mk2 concentric innards in a special TT type body.. Eddie makes these for me and a nice job he makes too. These are quick engines for mountain pass races etc. Usually built with ball race main bearings and special cranks with tungsten heavy metal balancing slugs.
If a person has been financially successful in life then to such people the price is of little consequence. I try and fight down envy and try to be pleased for such folks if they treat me with respect rather than like a serf. I rather like making top spec engines, they will long outlive me!
I had an owner recently who had bought the 1936 (I believe) Noel Christmas TT bike. Everything was correct except the case and barrel. Obviously a broken crank and a rod through the case. The case had been made of magnesium. Could I make one ? Well the answer is obvious, you can make anything if you throw enough money at it, but do you have that sort of money. Eddie was telling me today of a Range Rover model at £95000. The world has changed and left us behind I think. Roger