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Roger Moss

Dear Dennisj We all have a slightly different vision of how we want our bikes to look and through the years the Scott has attracted many gifted engineers to make their own modifications to their bikes. If it were mine, I would rejoice and conserve its unique arrangements. There are lots of “restored as original photos” bikes to remind us of that facet of history. Let me recount an experience for your general interest. For many years I have taken part in a track event arranged by the Triumph Trident and BSA Rocket Three club. The event is called The Beezumph and I am always made most welcome to take part with my Scott racer special. The chief designer of the Triumph and BSA triples was Doug Hele and on one occasion, we were standing together looking over a row of about 20 “Hurricane” models which were styled specifically for the USA market. I asked Doug if it gave him pleasure to see how owners treasured their bikes and had “Restored” then to the condition they had when they left the factory, or better. Doug was silent for a while and finally replied as follows. The real pleasure I get, as an engineer, in attending these events, is to see the ingenious improvements the various owners have made to the bikes we made. I often look at them and ask myself why we had not thought of that. So when I see lines of clones that later owners have most likely removed such modifications in order to revert them to original specification, I am a little dissapointed. However, it is their bike to do with as they wish, but it is not the way of an engineer.
It is your bike now, but I suggest that you do not let the urgings of the purists sway your decisions. There will be many who will very much approve if you left it as it is and tidied it up and got it running. I would suggest that arch engineer Alfred Scott himself would approve. Kindest Regards and Best Wishes Roger Moss
ps there are several Scott owners in USA and it is just possible you might have one near you