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This thread was before my time but brought back memories (mostly traumatic). I bought a 6″ full sized Dean Smith & Grace lathe about 20 years ago. Getting it shifted/installed was by far and away the biggest project I have ever done. Driving it back it in a an overloaded (albeit braked twin wheel) trailer nearly burnt the clutch out in the car and gave me a near heart attack everytime I braked until the trailer brakes kicked it. It is installed in the basement of my house which meant transferring all 2+ tons of it down a flight of steps around to the back of the house. Even dismantled into 4 large bits it was still a major project to move each one. I still remember that sinking feeling when the lifting eye broke and the headstock slid down the ramp, smashed thought the inspection cover for the sewer and wedged itself solid 🙂 It must have taken me 6 months to get it all installed and working properly with a single phase motor. I would hate to be without it now though. Those big heavy lathes are just so versatile as can skim large ventilated brake disks but also turn tiny jobs with ease. Looking forward to retirement when I can use it more. Would love a milling machine as well 😈