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Roy Charlton

Hi Brian ,,and all others who offered advice to me, I rebuilt engine but to no avail it would fire once once only , unfortunately while i kicked it over I managed to do damage to a total knee replacement I had some time ago so at moment i am taking it easy. Fortunately a member of the club who lives less than one mile from me came and tried to start it after several kicks and not starting he checked the gap in the points, reset them tried again no change, so again checked points the gap was not as he set them, after investigation we found some play in the spindle bushes, also on twisting the spindle it did not return fully to its original position, so its off to the doctor distributor who will not be able to refurbish it until mid November due to volume of work load. so I should be fully recovered by then and try starting again, if it does not then all advice will be welcome until then drive carefully happy scotting Roy