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Dear Kevin,
As an ex group leader for another club for over 10 years, I do sympathize with your position, herding cats is easier and more rewarding.
In hindsight, I should have documented the purchase (Oh Joy!), strip down ( Oh s**t!), and the subsequent (still ongoing) rebuild of my ’38 Flyer, with a view to an article for Yowl.
I have no excuses, I was always exhorting members to give me some sort of copy to put into an admittedly sparse news letter. The phrase “It’s your club” and “What do you want?” tripped repeatedly of the tongue.
But I am guilty of that hyenas crime that I always accused others of, not contributing.
In my limited defense, I try not to pontificate on subjects that I know sweet FA about, this includes Scott’s amazing products.
Instead I devour the contents of club magazines and the posts on forums, hoping for enlightenment, not always successfully.
This of course is of no help to you, if I had taken photos of the bits of tin sheet stuffed round the fork spindles, detailed the calculations for the new wheel spindles and headstock mods using newfangled taper roller bearings etc —
Why not to use Colphos 90 for the fork bushes (just don’t!), maybe that would have helped.
What I will do however, is when I finalise and test the epicyclic Pilgrim reduction drive I am planning, then I will post all the details either here or in a letter to yourself.
In the meantime, hang in there fella, we need you!!!