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I had one of those Enots pseudo Pilgrim pumps for many years, but never did anything with it, and never took it apart to see how it worked. I sold it on eBay last year. I never trust anything made out of that nasty ‘Mazak’ zinc alloy, also known as Muck Metal, Dinky Dough, and another unprintable name. When made from virgin zinc it is OK, but in the UK we used reclaimed, recycled zinc that had traces of lead in it, and this caused terrible problems, sometimes years after an item had been made. When I was about ten years old I opened a box containing some Dinky model aircraft, and the wings on two of them had curled up ! I was quite upset, and thought that my mother, father, or sister had maybe caused the damage. I later found out that it was a common problem with thinner parts of Dinky toys, also affecting the wheels of model trains and ‘Mamod’ steam traction engine models, to say nothing of Binks float chamber tops, which often crumble like hard cheese….