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No this is the second one I bought TK 4556, one can only smile and broadly walk onwards.

TK 5209 the ex e-bay, Mavro, Chambers etc one is going to have its doors popped tomorrow for investigation.

Bad timing : My son an R & D engine development guru is off in Sweden cold Ethanol testing with some Italian 12 cylinder monster , but when he returns he is going to bring along a tiny Boroscope which will proove some fun. Pray for me if you would ?

Mention of Lofty Avis plumbs my memory. In the late 60’s I was a member of Southend and District MCC as was Mr Avis and his son (probably about my age) who like me raced in Scrambles. I really do not recollect him on a Scott, but then at the age of 16 I would not have been interested.

It’s a fair cop I’ve been around a bit.