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Bob Mather

After two unsuccesful attempts to stop the oil weep on the feed banjo, Loctite 574 sounded promising but I could not locate any. Loctite informed me the new number is 518. Talking to a stockist down in Adelaide he said that because fibre washers were used, Loctite 515 was better. Armed with Shellite to degrease the fittings, Loctite 515, primer/accelerator 7649 because of the cold weather (It’s winter here) and two slightly undersize fibre washers, I was ready. In my opinion, the reason the banjo leaks is that there is only a very narrow bearing surface between the flats of the hexagon and the shank of the bolt, hence the undersize fibre washers which I gradually opened out until they were a tight fit on the bolt to get the absolute maximum bearing area. All went well and there is now no oil leak.
I have come across two types of banjo connection to the pump, one using a hollow bolt, the other has a hollow stud in the pump with a cap nut below the banjo.

Bob Mather.