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It does not look like a 2 brush Lucas dynamo. I do not say I know all of them but it is not like any Lucas one I have seen. That means D and F may not be valid.
Bosch use D and F but their regulator is the earth side of the field coil and Lucas is on the power side. The internal wiring in the dynamo can normally be changed to suit either regulator.
Miller have something similar to Lucas but the cut out is inside the dynamo and the connections are D and S. I have no practical experiance with Miller but the dynamo internal wiring can be changed to suit the Lucas regulator. Apparently this is an improvement.
If it is a BTH it will work excellently by some obscure theory that no one understands any more but a few will know how to make it work.
The few PAL and CAV dynamos I have seen are similar to the Bosch. To motor them the F is connected to earth and D to power.
I would suggest you take the dynamo to some one who knows about old dynamos as they can all have their internal wiring changed to suit the various regulators.