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Sometimes my favourite pastime is sitting in the pub listening to stories other tell while staying quiet. Every now and again you happen upon a story where the teller does not realise the person he is talking about is in his audience. Last Wednesday at the weekly BSA club pub meet such an occurence took place when one member was regailing a story of the weekend previous and the run. He had joined late in the run and had to head off early. On the way back near Scaling Dam a bloke on “some old black bike with these skinny tyres and race numbers” shot past him and he could not keep up on his A65. Part way through the story he paused then said he was actually embarrased about this and was not sure if he should continue telling for fear of mocking by his peers 😆 One of the other guys there twigged it was me and goaded said embarased party some more and sure enough it was TT2. After much ribbing I confessed it was me but I’m not sure he will live down being smoked by a bike 40 years older than his. It was on the way back from taking the video above, but sadly the camera had run out of memory by then so no footage to further rub it in. Don’t you just love Scotts (most of the time…)

Away to Abbotsholme now, see you there!