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Bob Mather

As my cylinder block looked a bit grotty, I decided to remove and recoat it. Years ago we used to polish the block and use varnish tinted with Newtons artists oil paint, the more coats you applied the stronger the colour. I decided to do this as I can’t get aerosol from Roger here in Australia, so off to the paint shop for varnish and telling them what I intended to do. They warned me modern varnish is not as good as the old stuff and didn’t think it would stand the constant heat. My block runs at a maximum of about 93 degrees C. I decided to give it a try anyway. They were right, it soon deteriorated so I looked around for a paint to stand the heat and found KBS Coatings motor coater engine enamel in Fire Red. It will stand up to 240 degrees C, has a high gloss and the brush marks flow out as you are painting it. I bought the paint plus thinners and Rustblast to form a good base. After removal the cylinders were carefully degreased ( most important ) and then not touched. It is not translucent but to me looks OK. It has only been on just over three years and still looks as good as when I applied it.
Bob Mather.