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Quoting Lucas figures for dynamo output “WITHOUT REGULATOR” are surely irrelevant, as on the bike the dynamo’s output is always controlled and affected by the regulator ! Typically these cut in when the dynamo output voltage rises to about 6.3 to 6.5 volts, and at that voltage the amperage is around 7 to 8 amps. Wattage=Volts X Amps, and 6.4 X 8 equals 52 Watts, a little of that then being used by the regulator itself.
Lucas may have quoted “10 amps at 7 dynamo volts at 1250-1400 rpm, without regulator”, but the regulator, if working properly, would not let that happen, because it operates at 6.3 to 6.5 volts remember.
As I commented previously, “About 50 Watts on a good day, with a following wind”. Blame the regulator or the dynamo, but the answer is still the same…