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Mike Fennell
andy rowett wrote:
Hello Eric,
I am just attempting to run an AC generator inside the MC45, it means gutting the original and fitting a small AC generator and reg/rec, if it works, it should give excellent electrics, and still look original. Whatch this space.

I had a similar idea. Ferret’s Electrickery provided a small diameter alternator stator/rotor set (made by Electrex) to go inside the MC45 housing. The axial length of these components is about 1/3 of the old DC armature which will make it possible to construct a much more “pancake-like” instrument. No, it won’t look original but with the old end fittings and a splash of red paint on the housing there will be a family resemblance! The clackety-clack problem must be solved one way or another, but it will then provide 120 watts. A much lighter and less bulky solution with an extra small benefit – it will no longer irritatingly foul the toe of my left boot.

The debate about MC45 output. I converted to 12V with an electronic regulator – mainly to drive a Boyer ignition – but it does need more revs to cut-in and struggles to give a decent charge rate. Watch this space as well.