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Roger Moss

Exactly so Brian, As I said, most of it is done and I can use it as an ignition system now, but I am not an electrical engineer and so am not able to specify the coils to use for providing lighting. As you observe, given the diameter and thus passing speed and the number of magnets, then it should give much more than enough power. I sent an inquiry to Bath university who have courses on electrical engineering to ask if they could help. Perhaps a student could use this as a project. The actual work of fitting an aluminium disc with holes to accept an even number of high strength pot magnets arranged alternatively N & S is not great and it is all quite neatly hidden away. Perhaps I should put a bit in Yowl to see if we have an electrical engineer with such experience in our ranks. I had intended to fit the flywheel in the lathe and coils on the toolpost and measure output. I more fear it producing too much output and burning things out, but then these aspects are the province of the electrical systems designer, hence why the project is on hold. We all need help sometimes. Roger