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Eddie Shermer

I have used the Nitromors route to clean out residue, after firstly lifting out great sheets of seal that were peeling from the roof and sides of tank. The Nitromors was added with gravel and hot water to tank and shaken violently. Exterior had been securely taped up with polythene sheet and duct tape and whole process undertaken outside with gloves mask and goggles. Worked a treat very clean inside, but of course would not solve the problem that caused the sealant to be put there in the first place. In my case I was able to resolder the base of tank and fix leak, but this may not always be possible. Any experience of using seals that claim to be 100% Ethanol proof? For those with more dire tank problems I copy some recent correspondence with a Norfolk member re: the advert in VMCC mag.

All soldered type tanks restored. Specialist service, no leaks, no sealants used, tin plated and all damage corrosion repaired. Tank leak tested and ready for painting. No problems with Ethanol fuel additives. Contact Tim Berry on 0752 950 4995/01275 218 952 or email Indian344@gmail.com.

Before it went the tank had severe damage to one side, hidden by filler and paint, which I thought irreparable. So far as I know it didn’t leak due to an epoxy lining applied some twenty-five years ago ….but that lining had come adrift in the past winter, presumably because of ethanol attack, and lumps of it were swimming about in the tank (which, on discovery) I had swiftly drained.

One satisfied customer. Perhaps if members have any knowledge of similar tank repair services that deserve mention in Yowl they would care to post.