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In the meantime, use only TOTAL petrol, because at the moment it is the only one that has no ethanol in any of its grades of petrol, and it won’t harm existing tank lining materials or glass fibre tanks. Due to pressure from the Government this situation will change in a couple of months time, but TOTAL say that their premium petrol called TOTAL SUPER will remain ethanol free, and to me that looks like a great decision, and I will buy from them even if it means driving several miles and filling up a jerrycan just for use in my bikes, and if the car needs a fill-up too then it will get TOTAL as well. I just hope that it isn’t too expensive. If you go on their website and enter your postcode you can download a list of the nearest filling stations.
I had truly horrendous experience with the Frosts tank lining products in my 1989 MZ ETZ, and will write an article on the subject for Yowl., so that all members get to see it.