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Dave, thanks for your comment. If no one has anything to add, I will leave the lines as they are.
Which brings me to another question (all relating to a 1930 TT Rep).
Having fitted the magneto drive chain, to make sure the oil lines are installed in the correct position to miss all the drive chains, I notice that the clutch cable is located directly below the magneto chain (it couldn’t really be in a much worse location).
Eddie Shermer made a new mushroom spacer for me, which doesn’t have the clutch cable location banjo. Has anyone come up with a cunning replacement for this? I would think that it would be advantageous to be able to move this along the mushroom spacer to ensure that the clutch cable is located exactly between the adjacent chains.
Which brings me to yet further questions.
Should the clutch cable run at the rear or the front of the mushroom spacer?
Also, when the cover is fitted over the magneto chain, should the clutch cable run below the cover and around/over the mushroom spacer? This would mean that the cable is bent quite severely, which can’t be good.
Advise greatly appreciated.