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Thanks for that Brian. I’ll take a look at this later. It’s good to know that replacement beaks are available.

By the way, if the ball valve is at fault should I expect to see the feed chamber filling up with the oil tap open but the engine NOT running?
I can try this experiment if it tells me anything.

There is no chance of me making a reduction gear – my engineering knowledge stops at knowing which end of a screwdriver to hold!
I don’t know what I was thinking when I bought my Scott. I just hope the poor thing can survive in my hands 🙄

I will pop an SAE in the post to you very shortly so I can get hold of a copy of your Pilgrim pump notes. I think I need all the help I can get!
Maybe it would make sense to buy a couple of spare beaks off you at the same time. Just in case!
Let me know how much £ to send you is that’s an option.

I don’t suppose there is much chance of finding a spare pump that someone would sell me?
Mine seems to be an early one with the lock nuts on the adjusters.
It is a real pain to adjust so it would be great to find a later one with the improved(?) adjusters.

Thanks again,

Pete P.