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Mike Fennell

I’ve got some niggling doubts about this thread. Particularly concerning the function of the ball valve under the sight feed beak.

You said, Brian, that it could be tested by removing the beak and prodding the ball. Doesn’t that imply that the spring is under the ball?
My understanding is that the reverse should be the case – ball at the bottom of the hole, then spring, then beak. Its action being to open when the plunger is delivering oil to the sight feed and close when the plunger moves back… I think!

If assembled upside down, won’t the ball be seating against the bottom of the beak, obstructing flow? It won’t completely prevent flow because of the 2 notches in the beak base, but it could be a site for accumulating dirt. And the owner would naturally open the adjuster more in an attempt to compensate.

Being a bear of small brain I’m not clear why the Pilgrim company felt the need for a ball valve at all because the porting arrangement in the end of the plunger opens and closes the passage to the sight feed anyway. Perhaps it does help to prevent backflow …??