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Brian, thanks for the pointers. I’ll to the test you suggest when I can muster up some enthusiasm to tackle yet another problem!

Out of interest, where is the ball valve you mention, how would I get to it? Also, what does the ball valve do?

The engine does seem to be drawing in at least some oil on the side that is backing up. When I suck out the excess oil and run the bike on the stand I can see some oil gurgling down the hole. This is why I was ‘happy’ to ride the bike as I thought at least some oil was getting to the gland and main bearing. I’m also running on a 50:1 pre-mix as a disaster avoidance strategy!

The side that is backing up also doesn’t seem to ‘spit’ very well. Even with the bike on the rear stand (to include the beak) the oil still frequently crawls off the beak and runs down into the bowl.

Out of interest, the engine was recently rebuilt by Eddie S. with a load of work machining done by Roger M (and loads of new parts supplied) some I am kind of hoping that this reduces the chances of it being a major problem! The bike has only done a handful of miles since the rebuild.

Thanks again