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For about ten years or so my rebuilds have had the Pilgrim pumps converted to non-driven dripper action, which has been described in “Technicalities”. Then four or five years ago I was lucky enough to acquire three unused old stock pumps, and I have fitted them on more recent rebuilds. They are a little “odd”, in that they are the late-type peg operation, which did away with the horrible chrome-plated Mazak end cams, but strangely they have the very early small diameter adjusters, with lock-nuts, as opposed to the more usual type that have large diameter adjusters, serrated on their undersides, with spring-loaded plungers to give a click action. I have no idea when they were made. I wish I could find a PH160 Pilgrim pump, but few were made. They had a built-in reduction gear, and were designed for the Bermuda marine engine, but that engine ended up with petroil lube, and few were made anyway. The last one I saw was in the hands of the late Chris Borman.