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Roger Moss

You can get anything done if you throw enough money at it. It all depends on the man’s means and his need! Eddie Shermer has converted some Pilgrim pumps. A firm in France will make new bodies http://www.a2c2m.fr
Carl Stormer reported this to me — there is one man in Switzerland who will recondition Pilgrim pumps Karl Rutz in Mollishaus. CH-9225 St. Pelagiberg, tel.: (071) 433 11 12 (private) and (071) 430 05 10 (work) – fax: (071) 433 17 30, produces and supplies parts for Motosacoche and has all necessary parts for Pilgrim pumps, both double and single. He also overhauls old pumps. I asked him whether he would overhaul Pilgrim pumps for Scotts and he said yes. The quality of the parts seen by my friend seemed to be excellent and up to Swiss watchmaker standards.
So it is really only down to what you can afford