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Mike Fennell

Very debatable indeed Eddie !! The engine lubrication issue seems to go round and round with successive generations asking the same questions …

I’d agree that the Bob Mather petroil system has the attributes to provide oil flow proportional to engine load. The geared Pilgrim safely pumps a small quantity of oil to the mains but at a rate varying with rpm. If converted to drippers it would be less well metered. Variation in oil tank temperature would have a marked influence as well – consider the difference in oil tank temperature between a bike left standing overnight in sub-zero weather, and on a sunny summer’s day when the tank may be too hot to touch. A downside to the existing Mather system may be that the complication of two oil-grades required, and the need to mix petroil, would be an inconvenience to some.

I would like to mention a favourite of only a handful of members – LoftyLube, with its revolutionary scavinging/re-circulating system – smoke free; no over or under oiling; cleaner combustion; automatic in operation. Just fill the tank and go. Ask Ian Loveridge.