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Eddie Shermer

Hi Bob,
Sounds like you have a pretty good system working already and I would ask the question ‘why change something that ain’t broke?’ It stikes me the only reason to go to a dripper is if the pilgrim drive system is for some reason compromised, changing to a BTH mag for instance. Advantage of dripper = no drive required. Disadvantage of dripper = 1. non return valves in pilgrim removed, if oil tap left on for any length of time wells fill up and overflow, if crank happens to have stopped with gland open case fills, it’s happened to me. 2. thread of adjusters has to be remade very fine to get any degree of fine adjustment. 3. drippers give constant drip all time, pump is at least connected to engine rpm so feed variable, although still drips too fast on overrun as we know, depends if you do any long downhill sections if this will be a problem.
I am sure this is a very debatable subject and will put in April copy of Yowl.