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Martin Heckscher

Regarding Brian’s speculation that the original frame on Glyn’s Sprint Special might have been replaced, I have just spoken to Glyn to get some clarification on this point. The frame (no. 20) is the original fitment.

It is fairly well documented that the single downtube frame as used on Sprint Specials (and subsequently on other models prior to the re-introduction of the duplex frame), has occasionally been known to fail where the downtubes enter the headstock. Glyn tells me that Dennis Howard (the previous owner) had ongoing problems in this area, and that the frame was fractured when Dennis sold the bike to him in the late 1960s. The machine was sold to Glyn in a dismantled state, and in the course of re-assembly the frame was repaired by brazing on a gusset which reinforced the area in question. That was about 45 years ago and the the frame has been 100% ever since.

In case anyone is interested in learning more about this very special machine, here is a sneak preview of part of the text which will appear in Bonhams’ catalogue for the April Stafford sale :

This genuine Sprint Special was despatched on May 20th 1930 to Hallams of
Birmingham. Since 1969 it has been in the ownership of one of the most highly
regarded Scott enthusiasts, a past President of the Scott Owners Club. The Scott
was bought, in a dismantled state and without an engine, from Dennis Howard in
the late 1960s. Dennis had retained the original registration number YX 8764 and
the bike was re-registered SC 6509 which had previously adorned another Scott
in the vendors’ collection. Engine no. DPZ 4106 (596cc) was fitted at that time
and has given exemplary service ever since. The crankcase actually dates from
1935 and is fitted with the correct blind head barrel of a vintage Scott.

Over the 46 years in the current ownership this machine has been used
extensively on the road, for vintage racing (it won the VMCC standard class
championship in 1971), and has regularly been sprinted at such venues as
Colerne, Bovingdon, Cornbury, and North Weald. It is a wonderfully versatile
machine and has been used in the Banbury Run straight after a sprint with no
modifications. In 2008 the Scott sustained significant cosmetic damage when a
car crashed into the trailer on which it was being transported. This resulted in the
fitting of a new radiator, new exhaust pipe and manifold, and repairs and new
paintwork to the tanks and rear mudguard. The oil supply is via the drip feed
system and this has proved totally reliable over the years.

Dave Minton’s roadtest of this Sprint Special was published in the May 1972 issue
of “Motor Cyclist Illustrated”. He wrote: “Why in Heaven’s name men scrabble
around after cammy Velos, Nortons, Broughs and what-have-you, when there is
stuff like this around, eludes me.” A copy of this roadtest is included in the sale
as are a scrapbook with many photographs, the owner’s technical notes, 31 old
tax discs, and about 40 old MoT certificates dating back to 1970.

I do hope this clarifies the situation and I wish everyone a very happy new year.