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I’m not the person to help you (you need the likes of Brian Marshall or Roger Moss – and many others – to give you good advise), but I have a 1930 TT Replica that I bought two years ago and have just about completed a full restoration.
Just about everything you have asked about needed fixing or replacement on the bike. Wheels, forks, frame, engine, gearbox, etc etc etc etc had to be either refurbished, rebuilt or replaced and I am talking of everything here.
I paid £5,500 for a ‘genuine original bike’ and it has cost at least a further £2,500 so far to get it somewhere near ‘original’ specification.
My advise is, don’t buy just anything, find a rebuilt bike from a Scott Owner’s Club owner and save yourself a lot of trouble.
However, saying this, I have really enjoyed my rebuild and have found some really helpful (and really amazing) people on the way.
Keep looking.