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Many thanks again Brian for your advice. I have found the following article by Roger Moss with regard to the cylinder head torques which for the uninitiated like me, who is notorious for breaking things by over tightening, is very useful.


With regard to the “correct special ‘deep’ nuts” for the cylinder head, what is “special” about these and where can they be obtained.

Yes it would have been nice to have piston ring compressors as we have broken 2 rings in the process of getting the barrels back on (thanks to Richard of scottparts.co.uk for his advice on how to install the new ones), that was before we realised its easier if the pistons are staggered rather than trying to get both in at the same time, again probably common sense, but when you’ve never done it before 😕 but we have now got the barrels back on 😀 first step complete !