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Hi, The four bolts holding the crankcase to the barrel should each have a deep spacer/washer approx 5/16″ thick, up to 3/8″ thick, and it is important that the bolts do not bottom in their holes. Thoroughly clean out the holes before installing the barrel, because debris and gunge tends to accumulate in them, and this can prevent the bolts going ‘home’ properly. Put a smear of silicone sealant under the head of each bolt and both sides of the spacers, before tightening them down with an open-ended spanner and one hand.
The cylinder head nuts should not have spring washers as they would chew up the aluminium of the head. I’m unsure as to whether or not Nyloc nuts were ever used by Matt Holder, but I have never seen any, and I would use the correct special ‘deep’ nuts with plain washers. Torque settings were never specified, and it is a matter of using common sense, gradually tightening the nuts, starting in the middle and working outwards, and switching from front to back diagonally/alternately. When all 16 nuts have been tightened once you can start again in the middle and tighten them again, using a short spanner, NOT a socket set. After the bike’s first run, and things have bedded down a bit, the tightness can be rechecked, again starting in the middle and working outwards. Put a smear of ‘Copperslip’ or other anti-seize compound around all 16 studs before lowering the head down over them. Don’t forget to install new cylinder base rings !!! Also the paper rings and/or a smear of silicone around the outer barrel/crankcase joints.
For coolant use ‘soft’ water such as rainwater, especially if you live in a hard water area, with 30% Glycol antifreeze/corrosion inhibitor. Leave this in all year round.
There is a lot more to say on this subject, as I for instance, use guide rods to lower the barrel down fair and square before installing the bolts, and piston ring compressors rather than my fingers, to avoid breaking rings, but I could go on all night about it. The main ingredient is common sense and care ! Good luck.