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Ted Robinson

@rhixon wrote:

Hello all!! Our 47 Flyer has a brass radiator with a number plate from Northern Radiator in Leeds. There’s not a hint of chrome plate on it anywhere. Did the postwar Shipleys come with this brass radiator, or were they originally chrome-plated?

All the postwar scotts I saw about in the fifty’s had chrome radiators,I still have the original one for my 1949 Scott and that is chrome. If yours is a honeycomb it is from an earlier model as postwar were film type. It may have been stripped by reverse plating for a repair and not replated. A lot of platers were reluctant to plate them as they often finished up leaking like a sieve. Northern Radiators still exist and advertise a fuel tank Re-Nu service Tel.01132435051(taken from Practical Classics 2005) Best wishes Ted.