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Richard Moss

It would be worth working out what your various transmission ratios are and then using the outside diameter of the rear tyre, establish what engine revs result in what road speed in what gear. You can then start to see what you actually have. Ive done it myself a few times.. Its very useful information. You probably aren’t going to want to rev past 4000 to 4500 anyway but if your engine isn’t in great shape, it might sound like it’s revving more than it is. Also, you may have a clutch issue. Vintage close ratios are not that close and although a bit of clutch slip may be required in first, you certainly wouldn’t be over revving in top if that were the case if engine and clutch were in good order. I race with a vintage close and although I’m a bit slow off the line, I would think it’s doing at least 80mph at the end of the back straight at Cadwell at around 4750rpm…I’ve worked it out myself before but I can’t remember exactly.

Good luck getting it sorted