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Roger Moss

I have just finished a high spec engine for what I was told was a 1947 bike with Webb forks, but then found it had the big special equipment Lucas dynamo on one side and a distributor and pilgrim on the other side. The owner wanted a sporty bike, so I suggested we dispense with the side mounted equipment and reverted to a mag platform with a BTH style electronic magneto with a decent 12V dynamo on top. Personally I do not like alternators as the drive is very notchy and gives the drive train a hard time. Then put the pilgrim on the end as on TT Replica models so it is all tidy. To get round the mag chain problem you use a 3/16 wide chain made for Honda 125 racers and this is far stronger and more reliable. The extra side movement does not have any adverse effect. It is an IWIS product and I have used Iwis chains for several years on my racer and found them superior to anything else I have used. The UK distributor is Andy Forsdick trading as “The Chain Man” tel tel 01299 403688
Mob 07860 577919
Kind Regards Roger