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Roger Moss

Thanks for all the kind messages. I feel very lucky to be in the condition I am.
As we are getting close to the festive season, I take this chance to wish everybody a Happy Christmas
The bike will have to wait for a bit.
I was talking to Richard about refitting the George Brown Nero sprint fairing copy for next year
The last time ( and first time ) we ran it for a flying kilo, I was very disappointed as it only went through the lights at 114 mph
I had fitted an experimental head and obviously got it wrong.
I put the bike on David Holmes Heenan and Froude water brake dyno and it only made 30 bhp
With my normal type head fitted, it retested at 41.90 bhp
Nobody can get it right every time !
Dave Holmes calculated that with the fairing, it should go through the lights at 137 mph
With the recent power boost of what feels like another 5 bhp, I would anticipate in excess of 140 mph.
Considering that the engine is very reliable and is only serviced every two years racing or so, then it is a remarkable basic design.
I have wished to beat the Vincent 126 mph from their Rapide
Not a problem, but I need to earn a little before we go for it.
There is nothing wrong in having dreams !