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I have now partly dismantled the carburettor. I found that the jet was blocked, and opened it with a dose of compressed air. It appears that the company where I bought the bike or an earlier owner had not discovered this, and instead had weighted the float down with two relatively heavy flat washers in order to introduce some fuel into the carburettor by overflow. I have not started the bike yet after opening the jet, since I had to dismantle the hand-operated oil-pump. The lower part of the pump, where it is fastened through the frame, had been badly repaired at one time, and oil leaked out to the tune of 2 decilitres per 24 hours. It will be repaired again – this time with a hollow perforated bolt silver soldered in place.
The magneto has now been totally overhauled and is back in the frame and adjusted. Thomas Lindal, who overhauled the magneto had managed to put 12.000 turns of secondary winding on to the armature, and after remagnetizing, the magneto really produces impressive sparks.

A special key of “turn and grip” design was originally provided with the carburettor for removing the jet for cleaning or replacement. Has anyone got such a key? They were, according to an article by Stan Greenway in Yowl volume 5/9 (December 1967) produced by Tom Ward on contract for the Scott Engineering Company. What has been produced once can be reproduced if an original can be found.