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Hi Sheelagh. Where is it “wobbly” ? The whole clutch ? Just the pressure plate ? The slots for the ‘tongues’ of the plates are in both the clutch centre and the outside of the basket/chainwheel, and if those slots develop corrugations due to wear, it is a tedious job to sort out, and I do it by hand using diamond coated slips or files, because the steel is too hard for a metal file. The old Ferodo (ASBESTOS !) button friction inserts are of course long obsolete, and best replaced with continuous rings of modern friction material, bonded on. I use Saftek in Cleckheaton (formerly Mintex), and they do a very speedy and good value service, virtually by return of post. It’s probably worth replacing the six spring studs as they may be bent, and the Spares Scheme supply new ones in stainless steel. Also check that all the rollers are still in place. They are 3/16″ by 3/16″.