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Roger Moss

Issue in shops July 31st. Trying to explain the finer details of a Scott engine to be condensed into even a reasonable feature is not easy, but I did my best and Mick Duckworth seems to have the ability that goes with years at the job. I have only seen a rough draft so hope the final version will be generally approved of.
Just rebuilt the racer with last years block and pistons, but after lots of detailed measuring, it seems identical to the one I had trouble with.
I am wondering if I got some poor fuel. I will get some 4 star from a local garage that stocks it for classic cars and claim it to be 98 octane against premium unleaded (claimed) 96.8. I will then add some NF octane booster. I should get it fired up tomorrow and if Ok it would be wise to get a practice session at Mallory before the Anglesey and Lydden epic at the months end. R