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Roger Moss

Hi Dave I will consider myself chastised. As regards to position of Pilgrim pump, I had laid out all items to be photographed but when Mick Duckworth and John Noble came, they changed things around to suit their liking. As I was talking to Mick Duckworth whilst the photography was being performed, I did not notice the change. I apologize sincerely. They also insisted on having all original components and as I am sure you know, I take the liberty with the agreement of the customer, of substituting alternative components if they have proved advantageous, so I was scurrying about to find some parts I rarely use. I agree totally about the burrs in the rod little end bush. Most unfortunate, but I had believed that the layout shot would be the only photograph and had fetched machined items out of customer job boxes for the photo. As usual, the machining is done, but the final fettling is done during final assembly. I did not even know they had done a close up pic of the rod. To empty my office, scrub the floor, sort out all the bits from various job and record where each came from, to pass on whatever knowledge I have to Mick Duckworth and assist John Noble cost me more than four days lost working time. This is not meant to be an excuse, as I am as uncomfortable with such shortcomings as you are. I should like to emphasize that when they first contacted me to ask if I would assist with this feature, it was mentioned that this would be good advertising for me. I told them I did not want advertising, as I had plenty of work already, but that I was always ready to help with anything that keeps the Scott marque in the mind of the classic motorcycling public. So in the final analysis, the shortcomings are to the shame of Moss Engineering rather than the Scott marque. Overall, I liked the text as it gave to the uninitiated about as good a potted history and description of the working and components of the engine as can be done in a short feature. I had not expected or wanted the piece on myself. As you know, I chatter away in my enthusiasm for Scotts and Mick Duckworth obviously constructed that section from my idle talk. The objective was to promote Scotts not Roger Moss.