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@Geoff Case wrote:

Hi If you think you fancy a Scott,remember this. The best bikes change hands within the club between friends, and usually to people who know what the ownership of a Scott entails. The less correct bikes ,often “fully restored are sold at auctions to buyers who don”t know enough about the model on offer,but find out soon after how wrong a Scott can be! Engines will fit in bikes 40 years apart.Same applies to cycle parts, wheels etc, ect. Scotts on ebay can be very wrong as you are bidding on photo graphs and the vendors (biast) opinion, no test ride,no listening to the engine,”sight unseen”., NOT a good plan ,and No re dress or refunds. Caveat Emporum, Mind how you go!

heres a 1948 Scott for sale that might be a good one maybe a club member?


Much loved 1948 scott flying squirrel original machine not refurbished. Excellent condition. Well looked after. Regularly maintained. 2 previous owners. Including many spares, buff log book and history. Reluctant sale due to house move.