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The bikes are ‘worth’ just as much as somebody, somewhere, is willing to pay for them, and if a dealer advertises all over the world he will find someone willing and able to buy at the higher prices. Dealers will often be asked to do a part-exchange deal, so they often load their asking prices to be able to give a buyer what that buyer thinks is a ‘generous’ part-exchange allowance. They think that they are getting a good price for their old bike or car, but are actually paying for it themselves via the high selling price. Car and bike dealers have always done this…
For many years Jim Gleave, trading as Atlantic Motorcycles, advertised on the back cover of every issue of “The Classic MotorCycle” magazine, and his prices were always very high. However it must have worked well for him to do it, and of course the magazine went to many different countries, finding those buyers prepared to pay those high prices.