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Another BIG problem, which I found when I rebuilt a Dirt-Track Scott, is what to do with it when you have done the job!! With no brakes at all, and only one footrest, and only suitable for left-hand bends, the only place to exercise one is at a vintage speedway demo, like the ones they have/had ( ? ) at the BMF Rallies at Peterborough. Mine was a slightly later bike with Speedway Webb forks, copied from the Harley Peashooter racers. It also had 28″ beaded edge tyres, an odd retro move by the factory from the 26″ wired-edge tyres of the earlier version, probably done to get more ground clearance to enable them to be laid over at more extreme angles as the sport developed. Another factor which stopped me from riding it was severe rusting of the unobtainable forks, which I found had been lead filled by the previous owner Derrick Shire ! In doing so he managed to pour a large amount of molten lead onto the top of his foot, which put him in hospital for a long time, and left him badly scarred. On finding the lead-filled forks I stopped the restoration, and had done little more than rebuild the wheels, which were also rotten after standing for years with flat tyres on the very damp brick floor of the museum at Stanford Hall. I was also disheartened by the lack of opportunities to try it out, and so sold it to a vintage speedway collector. I last saw it a couple of years ago when it was being sold in the autojumble at the Stafford Show.