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And another couple of points…… For that kind of money I would want to see a BTH K2R 1 Dirt-track magneto, the square-bodied model very similar to a TT magneto, but L/H rotation,driven off the clutch.
The gearbox is also wrong, being a road type with kickstart boss clearly visible. It should have the pukka Dirt-Track gearbox, which externally looks the same as a TT box, with a circular plate held in place with three 2BA C/S screws, instead of the K/S boss. Also, a large piece of gauze should be enclosing the carburettor to keep out the flying cinders and shale. Whilst the Firkins have done a nice job, some vital pukka D/T parts are absent, which in my mind would hold the value well down. The journalist’s comments about the hand gear lever (photo caption) are not knowledge based, because the vast majority of bikes sold had NO GEARS in the box ! It was only there to provide a mainshaft to hang the clutch on, ie. to act as a countershaft, so there would be no layshaft, no cogs, and no gear-changing during a race. A few were supplied with gears and layshaft in the box, and also a small back brake, offering owners a dual-purpose bike that could also be ridden in grass-track races. I could go on and on, but won’t…. If anyone needs a D/T radiator I still have my old spare, that came off the late John Hartshorne’s sprint bike, too small for the road, but fine for a one mile D/T race or half-mile sprint.